Exhibitors at Naturallia 2017 will have a golden opportunity to be seen in a global event where they can meet representatives from many companies, economic organisations and major customers. Exhibitors will be able to promote their products and services to national and international audiences, comprising entrepreneurs and leaders of the business community from Canada and other countries.

For the Naturallia 2017 organisation, you are not just a simple exhibitor; you are a magnet for investors, visionaries and architects of northern Quebec and a key player in Canada’s future.

Join us and connect with hundreds of delegates from the mining, forest and renewable energy sectors, and meet people from the academic research and financial fields, as well as mentors.

In short, by subscribing to the “Exhibitor package”, you will be able to improve your organization’s reputation and increase your network of customers and partners.

The package for one person includes

  • A strategically placed booth (approx. 6′ x 6′) equipped with all necessary facilities, and which provides maximum visibility
  • A subscription to the forum and a preferential rate of $600 for any additional person who is part of your business
  • An activity basket including:
    • Invitation to the opening evening, october 17
    • Lunches and dinners, october 17-18
    • Plan Nord dinner, october 18

Exhibitor profile

International trade and financial institution specialists, representatives of private companies and public organisations that work in the industries related to Naturallia 2017’s business activities. Also, major outsourcers of many service providers that support organisations in developing their businesses abroad.

For example:

  • Government and public organizations
    – Economic departments, chambers of commerce, development support agencies, and others, including those that exercise a ‘gateway’ function to markets. These speakers provide valuable information on how to do business and promote opportunities in different markets. Naturallia’s team leaders are part of this category.
  • Service providers
    This group includes companies specialising in international business management, legal firms, insurers, transport or logistics brokers, customs and financial advisors. These experts help attendees who are interested in doing business on site by providing stimulating advice and guidance that can foster growth for companies and businesses.
  • Sponsors and partners
    Naturallia 2017 provides an exhibitor presence for several of its partners, financial backers and sponsors, including local industry associations, such as provincial and federal government departments and/or agencies.
  • Industry representatives and outsourcers – All companies and/or major outsourcers wishing to showcase their projects and products are welcomed to register as exhibitors.

For more information on the Naturallia 2017 exhibitor package, please contact:

Contact us :


Nadine Brassard 418.668.5500